Left in the Wake

By  |  October 10, 2017
All photos © Bertie Pearson All photos © Bertie Pearson

Artist: Bertie Pearson

Project: Living with Harvey

Description: In “Living with Harvey” Episcopal Priest Bertie Pearson documents the “chaos left in the wake of the storm” in Aransas Pass, a small, coastal town in Texas. Photographed one month after the hurricane hit, residents were still at work clearing the land of “timber and drywall, of stuffed animals, tin roofs and ship’s hulls.” Much of the town is in disrepair, as if it’d been “lifted up and shaken.” Pearson’s project shows what was ruined among what remains, and the residents trying to make sense of an inconceivable disaster.

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Bertie Pearson is an Episcopal priest and photographer living in Austin, Texas. His portraits have appeared in Bullett, Vice, NYLON Guys, the Huffington Post, and elsewhere. Bertie serves as rector of Grace Episcopal Church in Georgetown, Texas, teaches church history to seminarians, and plays drums from time to time in the Los Angeles-based daytime disco band Poolside. More of Bertie’s work can be seen at bertiepearson.com or on Instagram @Bertiep.