Corey George: Alas, Babylon

By  |  February 2, 2015

Artist: Corey George

Location: Florida

Project: Alas, Babylon

Description: What will happen when humanity pushes itself to the brink of extinction? That’s the question posed by Corey George in “Alas, Babylon,” a series of photographs documenting Florida’s vast underpopulated suburbs. Slowly yet relentlessly, nature is reclaiming places like Lehigh Acres, with its 100,000 empty lots and 10,000 miles of unused roads. “One day,” George says, “these roads will be gone, and this land will go back to being Florida scrubland and forest.”

Part I: Deadends

Part II: Failed Subdivisions 

Corey George grew up on his grandparent’s farm in Greenwood, South Carolina, surrounded by farmers, old pine forests, wildlife, and southern Democrats. His most recent work explores the landscape of Florida and documents how society has shaped and altered it over the past few decades, and continues to alter it in the pursuit of progress. He currently teaches at the University of Tampa. To see more of his work visit his website:

Jeff Rich is a photographer based in Pawleys Island, South Carolina. Jeff currently teaches photography at Coastal Carolina University. He curates the OA’s weekly photo series, Eyes on the South.