So Deep in Humility

By  |  June 1, 2016
After a fire a sound of gentle blowing. 2015. © Lauren Henkin After a fire a sound of gentle blowing. 2015. © Lauren Henkin

Artist: Lauren Henkin

Project: For everything in heaven and earth is yours.

Description: The photographs in For everything in heaven and earth is yours. were made in May 2015 in the heart of the Black Belt of Alabama, where, as Henkin notes, “so much of the history of photography is still present.” Henkin spent a month in and around the town of Greensboro shooting for The Do Good Fund, a non-profit organization that acquires and exhibits a growing collection of photographs made in the American South. Henkin writes of the unexpected contradictions she encountered there: “I found warm, welcoming people still clinging to remnants of racism; I found a rich, lush landscape not asking for attention, but demanding it; I found colors both muted and potent—a palette of primary reds, blues, and greens so saturated you need to squint at times to take them in; I found some of photography’s most iconic subjects, completely altered by weather and time; I found a place so deep in humility it hurt to leave.”

Eyes on the South is curated by Jeff Rich. The weekly series features selections of current work from Southern artists, or artists whose photography concerns the South. To submit your work to the series, email Jeff at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Born in Washington, D.C., Lauren Henkin grew up in Maryland, graduated with a BA in Architecture from Washington University in St. Louis, and now lives in Maine. Henkin’s work is focused on the tension between preservation and extinction—from fading relationships to invasive growths to material possessions—as told through the American vernacular. Her work resides in over twenty institutional collections and has been featured in Musée Magazine, PDN, New York Magazine, ZingMagazine, Landscape Stories, L’Oeil de la Photographie, and the Washington Post. She is also a co-founder and co-editor of theFinch, a journal on artistic practice and intention. View more of her work on her website and follow her on Instagram @LaurenHenkin.