By  |  April 19, 2017
Image by Vladimir Chuchadeev, courtesy of Unsplash Image by Vladimir Chuchadeev, courtesy of Unsplash
First thought: the speckled darkness 
was a storm’s arrival shocking birds
from their perches. 

Second thought: not birds, suddenly up,
but a hand across, five digits their own
five violences:
          betrayal, velocity, bloodtooth, quiver, “will he return?”

Then thinking itself became uncanny.

Cheek forced to blush, head still
thrown awry as though from pleasure,
such that pleasure was refashioned: storm, feathers, vast blur.

Phillip B. Williams reads “Discipline”

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Phillip B. Williams is the author of Thief in the Interior, recipient of the Kate Tufts Discovery Award and a Whiting Award for Poetry. A recipient of a Ruth Lilly Fellowship, Williams received his MFA in Writing as a Chancellor’s Graduate Fellow at the Washington University in St. Louis. He is the poetry editor of the online journal Vinyl Poetry.