Issue 17, Summer 1997

Issue 17, Summer 1997


“The best magazine you’ll find on newsstands.” — Washington Post

“All Over But the Shoutin’” by Rick Bragg. Fiction by Nanci Kincaid, Donald Seacrest, and John Holman. Columns by Hal Crowther, Roy Blount, Jr., and introducing Julia Reed.

Other contributors include Wylene Dunbar, Chris Offutt, C.F. Payne. and more.


All Over But the Shoutin’ 
by Rick Bragg 
The author’s recollections of a violent, drunken father and a mother who struggled to keep her family going.


Total Recoil 
by Nanci Kincaid
Some people will always be off-limits, but there’s no harm in just thinking about them, is there?

The Sins of Summer 
by Donald Secreast
Beautiful, young Camellia has committed a sin that she regrets, for the most part. Her biggest concern now is what form her punishment is going to take.

Power Burgers 
by John Holman 
Grim Power used to dress up as a cowboy and ride a horse in parades. Rob, his younger cousin, thinks he has gotten over being ashamed of Grim. After all, that cowboy stuff was years ago.


Memphis to Gatlingburg 
by Alan E. Cober
In 1989 the acclaimed Northern artist Alan Cober and his wife came down to Tennessee for a little rest and relaxation. These are some memories from that trip.


The Other Oxford Looks Down South
by Florence King

The Southern Man of Letters
by Fred Hobson

Born to Die Hard
by Marc Smirnoff


Dealer’s Choice 
by Hal Crowther

Waving Not Drowning
by Julia Reed

Gone Off Up North 
by Ray Blount Jr.


Dear OA

Uncle Art’s Things You Should Know

Report by John Simpkins

Southern Sounds by Robert Gordon

Southern Gallery: Wylene Dunbar

Perspectives by Clifton L. Taulbert

Southern Gallery by Chris Offutt

Video by Randall Curb

Memoirs by Elizabeth Spencer

Southern Bestsellers List

Southern Scenes by C.F. Payne