Issue 42, Winter 2002

Issue 42, Winter 2002

Southern Movie Issue

“Movies make you dream of the possibilities of what you can achieve in your own life.” — Actress Eartha Kitt in this issue’s “Forum”

Scenes from an unpublished screenplay by William Faulkner. Featuring Matthew McConaughey, Roger Ebert, Faye Dnnaway, and Morgan Freeman. Essays by Luke Dittrich and Alan Gurganus. Poetry by John Updike and Charles Wright.

Other contributors include John T. Edge, Hal Crowther, Diane Roberts, Phillip Lopate, and more.


Chicken House Cinema
What does it take to make a good Southern movie?
by Gary Hawkins

Essential Southern Documentaries
An astute group of writers analyze the best of the best.
by Various Critics

The Mystery of Existence in Vernon, Florida
The effect of Errol Morris’s seminal Vernon, Florida on the citizens of the town
by Theresa Everline

The King of Southern Porn
A foray into the strange underworld of adult entertainment
by Luke Dittrich

Photo Essay: At the Drive-In
A look at the vanishing world of drive-in theaters
by Steve Kimble

Everyone Has His Reasons
After he “saved” his career, Eliza Kazan made his best film, Wild River
by Joseph McBride

I Was a Teenage Vampire
A young actor's first-hand account of a totally ’80s B movie
by George Bishop

Dreadful Hollow
Scenes From an Unfilmed and Unpublished Screenplay
by William Faulkner

When I Was Engaged to Ava Gardner
She was the most beautiful girl on Earth
by Allan Gurganus



Birth of a Nation
Who really invented motion pictures?
by Godfrey Chesire

Earth, Work, Muscle, Soul
David Gordon Green's movies ask tough questions
by Jeff W. Bens


Famous Voices
by Matthew Mcconaughey, Roger Ebert, Faye Dunnaway, and others


Kickin’ Up a Storm
Joey Lauren Adams has come a long way since the Mallrat Pack
by Donna Ladd


The Eye Which Sees It
James Agee's insightful film criticism passes the test of time
by Steve Vineberg


Morgan Freeman
The Mississippi actor discusses his art


The Apotheoisis of Southern Sleaze
Re-exploring the 11955 Southern film noir The Phenix City Story
by Jonathan Rosenbaum

Not for Children Under 16
The 1933 version of Faulkner’s Sanctuary stirred up the censors
by Leonard J. Leff


Bit Part
The true story of an Alabama writer at Kevin Costner's house
by Tom Franklin


Dealer’s Choice by Hal Crowther
Local Fare by John T. Edge
Gone Off Up North by Roy Blount Jr.


Hussy in the Hood by Tim Gautreaux
The Method South by Phillip Lopate
Reynolds Rap by Diane Roberts
Six Degress of William Faulkner by Tom Nolan


A Mother’s Nightmare by Charles Simic
Waco by John Updike
Everyman’s Actor by Philip Stephens
The Gospel According to St. Someone by Charles Wright

Cover: Shirley Temple from The Littlest Rebel, 1935. From the Everett Collection