Issue 3, Winter 1993

Issue 3, Winter 1993

"This quarterly has tons of promise."—The USA Today

"Elegantly designed...this is fresh, original writing, a pleasure to read."—the New Orleans Times-Picayune

"The most promising literary magazine in the nation."—The Memphis Commercial-Appeal

"An excellent new literary magazine."—The Lufkin (Texas)

"Could become a journal of some of the finest writing the South has to offer."—(North Carolina) Spectator


The Vision Of Esther By Clem 
by Barry Hannah
The quest of a handsome doctor, the love of a plain woman.

by Brad Barkley 
Some dinners you can’t ever leave.


Hunting in the South
by Tom Rankin


Lee Staggers
by Charles Taylor 
Spike Lee’s vision thing.

R.E.M. For the People
by Elizabeth Wurtzel 
Four Georgian hipsters analyzed.

Vladimir & Stanley
by Steve Vineberg


Down the Creek 
by Thomas McNamee 
On the trail of alligator turtles, cow-eating panthers & concrete.

Dixie Dynamite
by Alan Huffman
An unsolved murder still beckons.

The Killing of an Eagle Editor
by Joel Williamson
Shooting on the Square: the Faulkner Connection.


John Grisham: On sex, violence, Hollywood and Pee Wee Herman.


The Pepped-Up Fetish 
X. J. Kennedy

cover charge 
Charles Bukowski

The Budweiser Eagle 
X. J. Kennedy

The Sack Of The City Of God 
Michael Chitwood

U.S. Porn Queen (Ret.)
Fred Chappell

Mortification in Montmartre 
Jeanne Steig

Curmudgeon and Slayer 
Actoo Theodophilus

Cover Art: by Tom Bachtell.